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Software dedicated to ELISA Data Analysis. Get Fast Accurate Results Like Never Before.

new! Copy & paste feature
Allows for easy importing of data making ReaderFit your one-stop ELISA analysis software for any instrument!

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Curve-fitting for ELISA analysis has never been easier with full support for the 4 Parameter Logistic (4-PL) and 5 Parameter Logistic (5-PL) model equations and automatic EC50 & IC50 calculations for Dose Response Curves.

How will MasterPlex ReaderFit benefit you?

  • Save Time
    • Best Fit
      Let the software do the work. This feature automatically selects the optimal model equation and weighting algorithm with different parameters to optimize for: Root Mean Square Error (RMSE), R-Square, and Standard Deviation of % Recovery.

    • Automatic EC50/IC50 or EC(anything)/IC(anything) Determination
      EC50/IC50 values are automatically calculated and available for reports. In addition, you can easily add IC90 or EC90 calculations (or any other value) via the EC(anything)/IC(anything) feature.

      EC50/IC50 results shown in data table

      Calculate any EC or IC value
    • Templates
      Find yourself doing the same assay over and over again? Save your plate layout and many other preferences into templates. The next time you have a similar data file, just import the template and the analysis will be done automatically.
    • Merge Multiple Plates
      The Virtual Plate feature allows you to expand beyond the instrument or assay limitations and combine data from 2 or more result files:
      • Quantitate samples on one result set using standards from another result set
      • Monitor standards over time
  • Built-in Quality Control Manager for Automatic Outlier Detection
    • Automatically flag outliers based on:
      • Lower Limit of Detection (LLOD) – Automatically calculate your LLOD on a per analyte basis from the mean of the selected background wells plus the number of standard deviations you want defined
      • Upper Limit of Detection (ULOD) – Automatically calculate your ULOD on a per analyte basis from the mean of the selected wells plus the number of standard deviations you want defined
      • Percent Coefficient of Variation (% CV) – Define your maximum % CV threshold
      • Extrapolated Values – Automatically exclude extrapolated data from your results
      • Manually set thresholds for:
        • Raw Value
        • Calculated Values
  • Reliability
    • Optimized Model Equations
      Our time-tested model equations such as the 4 Parameter Logistic and 5 Parameter Logistic offer accurate and precise curve-fitting from one experiment to the next.

      5PL Curve Fit for ELISA Data
    • Weighting Algorithms
      The nature of the data carries with it a variance of the dependent variable that changes across the data which is known as heteroscedasticity. Many methods in regression analysis are based on an assumption of equal variance but MasterPlex ReaderFit offers 4 different weighting algorithms to account for heteroscedasticity.

      Graphic displaying heteroscedastic data
  • Reporting
    • Spreadsheet style pivot tables allow for easy viewing and manipulation of your results.

    • Highly Flexible Graphing Capabilities
      Create customized publication quality charts and graphs with a few clicks.

      MasterPlex ReaderFit new highly customizable charting engine
    • Custom Report Generator
      The spreadsheet style pivot tables does not generate the report you want? This is where our Custom Report Generator feature comes in. Using custom report templates which we can design for you, any report format is possible whether you need it in Excel, XML, HTML, or just plain text. This is especially useful if you have a LIMS and require a certain XML formatted input file.
  • Save Money
    • Share Licenses
      Networking licensing helps you save money by allowing you to install MasterPlex QT on as many computers as you need while only paying for the software that you actually use.
    • Cut down the amount of time spent on analysis with powerful time-saving features such as the Best Fit, Templating, and Virtual Plate features.
  • Other available editions of MasterPlex ReaderFit:
    • Security Edition

      For laboratories working under FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Regulations or GxP (GCP/GLP/GMP) Compliance.

System Requirements

Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7 (32-bit or 64-bit)
Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 required

Hardware Requirements

Platform: PC
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 2 GHz or equivalent, Intel Pentium 4 2 GHz or better (recommended)
Memory: (RAM) 512MB or higher for Windows XP/Vista
Storage space (HDD): 30 MB available hard drive space for the installation
Input devices: Keyboard and mouse or other pointing device
Video: RAM 32MB or higher
Monitor resolution XGA: 1024×768 pixels or higher, 1280×1024 (recommended)
Monitor color: 16-bit color (high color) or higher

Who We Are

The MiraiBio Group engages in marketing, sales, research and development of life science software and consumables for government agencies, academia, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies worldwide. MiraiBio Inc. was established in 1999 and acquired by Hitachi Software Engineering America, Ltd. (HSAL) in 2006, becoming the MiraiBio Group. Through this relationship with HSAL, MiraiBio is an important member of the family of companies that comprise Hitachi, Ltd.


I evaluated several programs before deciding on the MasterPlex ReaderFit software for my ELISAs. Only the MasterPlex ReaderFit software gave me the flexibility I needed and universal format of Excel file import and export to use from results from multiple plate readers. Having a fully functional demo software was also invaluable in my decision making. Probably most important was the level of customer service from MiraiBio. The programmers and engineers even solved my problem of having to do a 4 parameter curve fit on an inhibition ELISA.

S. Connery
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

We chose MiraiBio’s MasterPlex software because our Luminex instrument is shared by several labs, so the software had to be as intuitive as possible to accommodate users with different levels of specific training. It has met and exceeded our expectations in this regard.

Dr. Mark Scott
University of California, San Francisco

Your software is so intuitive that I just dived in! In addition, technical support is excellent and unsurpassed.

Christine Molinaro
Principle Research Assistant, Loma Linda University